Posing Practice Suits

Competition Bikinis Practice Suits are a perfect tool for competition prep because they are created with adjustable top ties so they fit during your entire competition prep letting you take consistent progress photos to send to your coach.

Great for off season progress checks that keep you accountable post show. Your competition stage suit is not meant to be put on for progress pictures or sessions. Keep your stage suit perfect for the stage!

A practice posing suit is ideal to have for progress photos and to practice your posing. Posing in a practice suit will help mimic how you will feel when you step out onto the stage, and will help guide you to how you will need to perfect your posing so that you nail each pose perfectly

Why Do you Need A Bikini Practice Posing Suit?

Lets face it, swimwear suit fit, feel and look differently than competition bikini suits.  We highly suggest you wear a practice competition bikini suit while you prep, learn your poses, and practice your walking. It is also always a good idea to get accustomed to wearing a competition bikini suit, if you've never worn one before.

Don't Practice In A Competition Suit?

I know you are probably excited to see yourself out in your competition bikini, and check out your moves. But we don't recommend practicing or posing in your competition day bikini suit because, you want to keep it in perfect condition prior to your big day.

Competition suits are a huge investment, and the last thing you want to do is have a mishap prior to show day.  And, if you're still losing weight or putting on those last few inches of muscle before your competition, you could be putting extra strain on the connectors and bikini material. 

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