Privacy & Security

What is my personal information used for?
Here at Sinful Dreamz, Inc. d/b/a we completely understand your concerns for privacy. Your personal information is solely used for the processing and shipping of your order. We in no way sell, share, publish, rent or distribute your personal information to any outside parties. You may opt-out of all communications from our company by submitting a customer service request or by calling 1-866-473-2023.

Are you discreet?
Yes, very discreet. All orders sent in plain brown boxes. No indication on outside of package to what is inside. We keep all our customer records confidential. We never sell our customer list. 

Will my orders be Secure?
We at Sinful Dreamz,Inc know that security is important to you, and as a result we have made protecting your information our primary priority. All transactions are via a Secure Server. All credit card transactions are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL). These safeguards ensure that your credit card information remains encrypted throughout your ordering process.

Can I send payment information via E-Mail?
We strongly advise against sending any credit card information thru e-mail. E-mail is not secure against being intercepted. Information of this type should be sent via us postal mail or over the phone.

Credit Card Fraud Protection:
All Credit Card billing information will be verified using an "AVS" system which allows the verification of your name & address. We will cancel any order that has billing information that does not match. And we will cancel any order in which we are unable to reach the customer for credit card verification. Credit Card fraud is a felony and we will aggressively prosecute anyone who commits or attempts to commit credit card fraud. 

To protect our customers we must ask you to provide a valid phone number and e-mail address, in the case that we must contact you to verify this order. False phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses will cancel the order. We DO NOT sell, share, publish, rent or distribute your personal information to any outside parties. All information provided is solely used for the processing & shipping of your order. 

Terms of Use
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