Breaking down the cost of Competing in a Bikini, Figure, or Physique Contest

There is no doubt that any sport you participate in, comes with a certain price tag. You need the right training and the right equipment. The sport of bikini competitions has been growing like crazy over the last 10 years and is going strong. Competing in a Bikini competition can get very expensive. There can definitely be some more affordable options to look at and consider to keep your bank account from running dry. But all in all, there is definitely a cost to this sport. 

Here are some things to consider when looking into competing in a bikini or bodybuilding show. Some things are a must and some are wants and can be optional.


  • In Person Coach: $75-$100 per session

  • Online Coach: $25+ per week. (diet and exercise)

  • Group sessions may be a less expensive option to consider

You could train yourself, go with an online coach, one in person or group sessions.  Do your research, not all trainers know a enough about this sport.

*Gym Membership

$10-$250 per month

A basic gym will do the trick. And if you decide to skip a gym membership, you can get by with a squat rack, barbell and bench, dumbbells and a pull up bar at home.  

*Nutritional Supplements


Stick to the essentials for affordable options such as protein powder and BCAA’s. Supplements for Weight Loss in Figure and Physique Competitors:

  • Protein Shakes. Protein's primary function within the body is for growth and repair. ...

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) ...

  • L-Carnitine. ...

  • Glutamine. ...

  • Creatine. ...

  • Green Tea Extract. ...

  • Caffeine



Food costs will vary week to week. Depending on what you ate prior to this diet, you will be eating a lot more chicken, fish and vegetables.  

Food Scale


This is a must have. When eating specific amounts of food, measuring cups just won’t do the trick. Scales are much more accurate

Weight Scale//Body Measuring Tape


A great tool to aid in tracking weight and measurement progress.

Body Fat Tester


A great tool to track progress with your body composition. 

Federation Membership Card


Different federations will have different membership fees. Most shows require you to be a member of their federation before you can compete or register for a contest.

Competition Entry Fees


Costs are about $30-$50 depending on the class entered. 

Lodging/Travel Costs:


Varies depending on how far you are from the show. Competing in local shows keeps your travel affordable.

*Posing/Walking Sessions

  • Private: $60-$150 per hour

  • Group: $25-$35 per hour

You can teach yourself with on-line youtube videos and tutorials. It’s advised to take at least a few sessions with a posing coach.

Competition Heels


You should always have 2 pairs. One for practicing and one for competition day.

Competition Practice Suit


Deciding to get  a practice suit similar to a stage suit serves multiple purposes. Firstly, the suit acts as a preview, allowing you to adjust the fit and tailor your actual stage suit perfectly. Wearing it during posing practice provides you with a clearer understanding of how you will present yourself on stage.

Competition Suit


A quality suit can range from $200-$1000. You can borrow a suit, buy one used or rent one for about $200+. Some contestants will buy an affordable plain suit, then add the bling/rhinestones themselves to keep costs down..

Competition Tan

  • DIY: $50-$80 per 3 shows

  • Event Tanner: $100+ per show

DIY Competition tanning products will last about 3 shows. Using the event tanner takes the guess work out and is quick and easy.

Suit Glue


3M spray adhesive or bikini bite spray works well, we do not recommend the roll on.



This may come with the DIY tanning products you buy. If not, you may need your own oil. You should use this sparingly.

**Stage Jewelry


Stick to the less is more rule: Rhinestone bracelets on one or both wrists + earrings for bikini and figure.

Show Day Make-Up

  • DIY: $80-multiple shows

  • Professionally Done: $35-$50 per show

Your makeup should be as dark as possible.  (dark foundation, foundation to match the tan, eye make-up etc, a good face and eye primer It's always a great idea to have a professional do it for a perfect match.

**Hair styled


You can definitely do your own hair, but Bikini is a division where this may be more important. .



Keep it simple, no one is looking at your nails.



A Brazilian wax may be the way to go  in such a small bikini, but it is not necessary.



The event photographer usually offer s packages costing about $75-$150 for all of the pictures taken during the show. If you enter more than one class, the photography package may be a bit more expensive.

**Personal photo shoot


You may want to hold onto the memories, because who knows if you will do this again.


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