Caring for your Competition Bikini

Wether its a competition practice suit or your show day competition suit, proper handling and care are a must. Extra care is needed when it comes to cleaning, drying, handling and storing your bikini competition suit. Let's face it, you spent a pretty penny and maybe you had to get a part-time job delivering pizza's you weren't allowed to eat, so that you could buy that gorgeous bikini for your competition. So you are going to want to take care of it, right? 

What you will need:

  • Mild fragrance-free detergent
  • A soft bristle brush 
  • Small wet cloth for removing residue
  • Towels for drying
  • Time and patience

Let's start with the DO NOT list:

  • DO NOT soak your suit
  • DO NOT dry clean your suit. Dry clean does not mean gentle. They use chemicals and high heat. Both those things will damage for your suit.
  • DO NOT put your suit in the washer, no matter how safe you think it is, just don't.
  • DO NOT put you suit in the dryer, not even on the lowest setting.
  • DO NOT dry your suit in direct sun. Find a safe out of the way spot to let your suit air dry.
  • DO NOT wait too long to wash your suit. The longer the stain sits the harder it is too clean. Spray tan and show day products are brutal on suits.


Storing your Suit:

  • Before putting your suit away, make sure your suit is completely dry. You will want to wrap it loosely in soft tissue paper or even paper towels.
  • After you have properly wrapped your suit, you will want to store your competition suit in a box until your next show. Make sure you store it in a dry safe place away from children and pets. 

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