How Water Affects Your Body

Let’s be real: We are told constantly about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated, after all, our bodies are made up of whopping 60% of it. However, no time is it more crucial to stock up on it than in prep for a bikini competition. Water will become your bestfriend when it comes to competitions, so you can avoid any unwanted water weight. Of course you want to step on stage feeling your best and looking your best to show off the hard work you put in to your physique. Here are some important facts and tips on how water manipulation can better your performance: 

But When? How Much?

Most women who compete regularly drink about 1 to 2 gallons of water everyday. However, this is not necessarily the standard for everyone. When and how much water depends on the goals you and your trainer/coach have set for you. Water has shown to improve overall physical performance, so most coaches will recommend drinking water before and after your workout. Typically, coaches will have their competitors sip water through a straw the day of in order to avoid air bubbles that can cause bloating, which brings me to my next point…

Body Bloatin’

Drinking a lot of water is important for competitions because if not, your body will retain water. This will cause unwanted bloating, and let’s face it, nobody wants that. It is recommended for the week of a competition to do your best to keep your water and sodium intake at an equal level to maintain your body weight. Although water may cause you to initially bloat, the effects of not drinking it are significantly worse. This is where planning how much water to drink, will be important to what results you wish to have.

Better To Be Pooped, Than Not Be Able To

Another proven fact about drinking water is yes, it is a major help in making you go to the bathroom. A lot of people experience constipation when they are dehydrated. The lack of fluid makes it harder for your body to quickly digest food, which is beneficial for losing weight for the upcoming days to a competition. Drinking copious amounts of water is a great way to avoid bloating and to keep things moving, so you’re ready for your big day!

Take Advantage Of What You Can

It’s important to note that not all electrolytes drinks are alike. Rather than using sports drinks to replenish your electrolytes, it’s best to stick to plain old H2O. These other drinks come with added sugars and unnecessary calories that will end up making you run the risk of you taking in way too much sodium, and increasing your blood sugar. Some great alternatives to try would be pink himalayan salt as well as calcium or magnesium tablets. These methods help to deliver the needed electrolytes without added sugar and calories.
Overall, water will and should become your friend when entering the competition circuit. Everybody is different, so one person’s water intake may be different from another. The benefits typically will outweigh the cons when it comes to how it will affect your performance, as well as your mental state.

Remember: it’s important to consult with your doctor when starting a new diet plan. Here at SinfulBody, we want to give the best information we can to help, however, your trainer/coach isn’t your physician, and neither are we, so it is always encouraged to get a professional opinion!

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