The Best 5" Heels for Competitions



You’ve put in all of this hard work to get the perfect bikini body for competition day and you want to show it off the right way. You found the perfect suit and just like any woman knows; now you need a pair of heels to match! And come on, we all know building confidence starts with looking and feeling your best! Here at SinfulBody, we put together a list of the best heels for bikini and figure competitors!  

1. Barbi



The Barbi heel is a fantastic place to start. Believe it or not, sometimes simplicity and subtly are the way to go. Barbi holds the key to the right balance of comfort and style. If you’re a gal who prefers an ankle strap, then these are a great pick for you. For ladies with a wider foot, these are supported by a thicker heel and a lower platform for an all around winning-shoe. 

2. Val

Val is the first mule on our list. Mules are often great for showing off the full foot and ankle when posing. This particular mule adds even more comfort to its beauty, with a low arch and and slightly thicker platform. The Val heel is great for someone who likes the appearance of a basic heel like the Barbi, but wants to be daring without the strap.

Tip: Depending on the width of your foot, you should choose a heel that has a wider set sole for added support and ease with your walk.

3. Bella

The Bella is a great recommendation if you’re looking for a sleek shape with a wider base. A little less intimidating than the Barbi, but similar appearance, the Bella heels are a great recommendation for a safe, yet killer look. You can even customize the look of the heel for full transparency, or just a solid finish, depending on what you’re going for. With a lower arch, these heels will give you the needed reinforcement when it comes to pivoting on the ball of your foot.

4. Chloe

A beautiful and sparkly appearance is not all that these heels have to offer. The Chloe heels combine a unique studded finish on the platform, with the added support of the ankle strap and slightly thicker heel.

Tip: A higher platform can make for the enhanced appearance of muscle definition in your ankle and calf.

5. Carly 


The only question really here is, clear or chrome heel? You get to choose. The Carly is a great mule for someone who wants simplicity, but craves a bigger platform base. Often compared the Chloe style, this may be a better pick if you’re not one for the rhinestone finish.


6. Coco 


It may be the most pricey of the bunch, but this is not a shoe you’re going to want to pass up. The Coco heel compares to what looks like a Cinderella shoe. Probably one of the more glamorous mules out there, with its shiny platform and dramatic arch. This heel will add an extra kick of sparkle and style to any competition look. Coco is definitely not for a plain Jane!

7. Cindy

The Cindy heel is comparable to a lot of the other heels mentioned. For someone looking for a close relative of the Chloe style, the Cindy clear high heel is great if you want the studded look, but prefer the added support of an ankle strap. When it comes to whether or not to go with the strap, it really depends on your comfort level and what you feel will work best for you!  

8. Cara

Last but most certainly not least is the Cara heel. Another mule style, similar to the Cindy style, but without the extra design. This mule has a very traditional competition look and can be paired with just about any suit you put them with. The comfort of these shoes has been compared to feeling broken in upon wearing for the first time, which is a total added bonus!

When it comes to choosing the right heel for a bikini competition, it all comes down to preference and the rules of the federation for which you are competing. Of course you want the shoe to be beautiful, but comfort should also be a priority when selecting a heel to match your suit. No matter what you choose, it’s safe to say any one of these shoes will keep you covered you for a bikini or figure competition.

What Tips Do You Have For Walking In Competition Heels? Let Us Know Below! 


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