The Best 4" Heels for Competitions

Choosing the right look for competition day can be stressful. You’re unsure of the exact style of high heels that you want to match your bikini, even if you have a slight idea of what you might like. Well, lucky for you, we broke down the top 7 heels for beginning competitors, whether it be Bikini or Figure, there’s a shoe for you!

1. Vanna


First on our list is the Vanna Platform Rise Mule. Mule’s are fantastic for really showing off your entire leg. These heels are great for beginning competitors with their appearance and shape. The thicker heel, low arch and short platform are a huge plus for stability and comfort. This added support can make for a much cleaner pivot and pose. 

2. Bree


While mule heels are pretty to look at, there’s no greater support than when you have an ankle strap. The comfort and wearability of the Bree heel is even better thanks to the wide base and soft sole. These are the most unique of the bunch and are sure to make a great impression on the judges.



3. Bobbi


A beautiful, yet simple beginner shoe would have to be the Bobbi Ankle Strap Heel. An ankle strap heel is great for beginners because of it’s added support that make them easier to walk in. These babies have a low, but slightly chunkier heel that makes them totally versatile.

4. Farah


If simplicity is your thing, there’s nothing wrong with that. The Farrah heel has everything you would want without being too over-the-top. Compared to the strappy look of the Bobbi heel, the Farah has a slightly smaller platform and heel. This can make you legs appear longer and more slender on stage.

Tip: Choosing a style, whether it be mule or ankle strap, should depend on your preference. If you find you want a heel easy to slip out of, mules are great. If you want something with extra support that will stay on your foot, then you’re better off with an ankle strap heel.  

5. Faith

The Faith heels are a two-fer with their thick, durable platform and wide set sole. We recommend these as some of the best for beginner mule heels since they combine aspects of comfort and fashion to finish off your look.

6. Emma

Emma is a heel go-to if you want to stand out. The added shimmer on the platform is unique compared to the standard clear ankle strap heel. These heels are great for beginners who are looking to really take their footwear on stage to the next level.   

7. Ella

If you want the same look as the Emma style, but are daring enough to skip the ankle strap, then the Ellas are the heels for you. This style is a great pair of heels if you want support from the wider base and an extra bit of glitz and glam to the platform of the shoe.

Choosing the right heel for competing all comes down to you and regulations of the federations you are in. Since there are so many styles to choose from, you won’t run out of options. Most federations like WNBF and WBFF list their requirements and recommendations on their websites, so it is important to understand these before making your selection.

Which Style Of Heels Do You Prefer? Lets Us Know Below!

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