Figure Competition Advice & Tips

The Best 4" Heels for Competitions

Choosing the right look for competition day can be stressful. You’re unsure of the exact style of high heels that you want to match your bikini, even if you have a slight idea of what you might like. Well, lucky for you, we broke down the top 7 heels for beginning competitors, whether it be Bikini or Figure, there’s a shoe for you! 1. Vanna   First on our list is the Vanna Platform Rise Mule. Mule’s are fantastic for really showing off your entire leg. These heels are great for beginning competitors with their appearance and shape. The thicker heel,...

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Best Heels For Bikini Competitions

Are you entering a bikini competition and need some sexy heels to strut your stuff? We offer a wide selection of flattering styles to help you complete your physique-focused look. While professional figure competitions have strict guidelines as to what kind of heel to wear, this collection of heels will still give you a unique and dazzling edge. Cara: 5" Platform Sandal  Stun the judges and the competition with this clear sandal! It has a 1" platform and a low arch. As a cocktail shoe, it has a wider width to more comfortably fit a wider foot. Chloe: 5" Stiletto Mini-Platform...

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7 Tips for Buying Competition Heels Online

7 Tips For Buying Competition Heels Online  Ordering heels (or anything for that matter) online is incredibly convenient; you can browse an extensive collection of styles and sizes without ever having to get up from your seat. Then, the package comes right to your door! Sounds easy, right? It is, but there are things you should be aware of when purchasing heels online, especially if you are after the all-important pair of heels you will wear to your physique competition! Here are 7 tips for buying heels online!  1. Make Sure the Heels Qualify for your Competition Different competitions will...

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