Best Heels For Bikini Competitions

Are you entering a bikini competition and need some sexy heels to strut your stuff? We offer a wide selection of flattering styles to help you complete your physique-focused look. While professional figure competitions have strict guidelines as to what kind of heel to wear, this collection of heels will still give you a unique and dazzling edge.

Cara: 5" Platform Sandal 

5 Inch Platform Sandal

Stun the judges and the competition with this clear sandal! It has a 1" platform and a low arch. As a cocktail shoe, it has a wider width to more comfortably fit a wider foot.

Chloe: 5" Stiletto Mini-Platform Sandal 

5 Inch Competition Heel

This sexy, open-toed heels features a silver ankle strap buckle and gorgeous rhinestones over the platform and heel. This is a real simple yet dazzling pair of heels that are sure to heighten your alluring look. 


Ella: 4 1/2" Rhinestone Mule

4.5 Inch Rhinestone Mule

These sparkling heels have no ankle strap and glamorous rhinestone detail on the heel and 1" platform. The platform is chrome/silver opposed to clear for a sexy, metallic look.


Bambi: 3" Mini Platform

This great beginner's heel is available in sizes 5-16. This style shoe provides more stability for the competition novice due to the shorter and wider heel. If you are someone who just cannot walk confidently in higher heels, you should opt for a shorter heel. Don't risk that awkward walk or stumble across the stage.


Carly: 5" Stiletto Mini-Platform Sandal


This competition shoe is available in Clear with a Clear Platform and Clear with a Chrome Platform. This Heel is for those who want to be comfortable in a lower platform shoe without sacrificing a sexy and fabulous look. Compared to other styles, this shoe has a wider base, lower arch and slightly thicker heel. 


Cindy: 5" Studded Slide-On Mule Sandal

Blow the judges away with these clear mule sandals! It has a 1" platform and a low arch which can be very helpful when it comes to balance and retaining poise on stage. As an added bonus, this shoe has a wider width to more comfortably fit a wider foot.

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